A program dedicated to training Montessori teachers must have as its guiding values the fundamental principles upon which Maria Montessori based her philosophy. The same principles that pertain to children’s education need to be applied, whenever possible, to adults. MCTE demonstrates that if this same philosophy is upheld, adult learners taking the training will develop a love of the Montessori philosophy and methodology that will continue long past the completion of their Teacher Education Program.

The MCTE Philosophy, therefore, includes the following principles:

In following Montessori’s concern for the adult learner’s freedom of choice, MCTE is guided by a deep respect for each adult learner’s individual process of development. Examples of methods used to encourage the adult learner’s freedom of choice are: open-ended discussion, questions in Independent Study, and individually selected research projects.

Our Philosophy

Because Montessori emphasizes the active participation of the learner, this teacher education program focuses in on the activity of the adult learner. Class participation, written assignments, illustrated lesson albums, and practical final evaluations are methods by which MCTE provides opportunities for active adult learner participation.

Montessori felt that the process of development was much more important than the end product. Therefore, MCTE attempts to provide an atmosphere of positive cooperation among all individuals in the program. Closely supervised self-evaluations, constructive guidance, and an emphasis on objective evaluation are some of the methods used to implement this belief.

Montessori Center for Teacher Education - Washington State

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MCTE - Washington State is affiliated by the American Montessori Society (AMS) and accredited through the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE).

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