CMSTE will present to you a series of workshops offered during the academic year.  These workshops are created to facilitate opportunities for new and experienced Early Childhood and Elementary Teachers, along with Administrators, to complete required STARS continuing education hours. 


Jeannine Hanson serves as a Washington State Approved Continuing Education Trainer through MERIT and presents continuing teacher education workshops to fulfill Washington State required STARS (State Training and Registry System).

Our workshops also meet AMS guidelines for continuing Professional Development.

We hope that you will enjoy participating in one or more of our workshops.



online course

Best Practices for Teaching

Montessori Children Online

A framework for teaching Montessori curriculum online




Date and time:

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About the Course:

Chestnut Montessori School Teacher Education is pleased to offer an online learning Course uniquely based on Montessori principles and philosophy specially tailored for Montessori Teachers.


This course has been developed by Founding Director, Jeannine Hanson, to include components of the Montessori curriculum, preparing Montessori Teachers to create an online environment with lessons and activities for children and parents. Each participant will receive a Manual with the program and 6 STARS.


Course Schedule:


· 09:00 am – Welcome / - Grounding exercise, orientation.


· 09:15 am – Montessori Triad and Sensitive Periods / - Discussion of the Montessori Triad including the child, prepared teacher, and prepared environment. How to meet Sensitive Periods when teaching online.


· 09:45 am – Sensory Learning / - How to support sensory learning through distance education.


· 10:00 am – Brain Gym, Writing/Reading / - Participants will experience several Brain Gym exercises. Writing and reading activities for children from non-readers through advanced readers.


· 10:20 am – Math / - Hands-on Math activities teachers can present to children online.


· 10:30 am – Geography / - A variety of Geography activities that teachers can present to children online.


· 10:40 am – Botany / - A variety of Botany presentations for online study.


· 10:55 am – Tea Party / - Let’s enjoy a virtual Tea Party!


· 11:05 am – Cooking Project / - A hands-on experience in teaching an online cooking lesson by making applesauce.


· 11:15 am – Bringing It All Together / - A discussion of ideas for developing your own online class.


· 11:45 am – Collaborating With Parents / - A discussion of ways in which to communicate with parents so they understand their role in best supporting their child’s online learning


· 12:25 pm – Sound and Lighting / - A description of setting up the ideal teaching environment, including sound and lighting best practices.


· 12:35 pm – Closing Gathering / - A model for ending an online class with an expression of gratitude. An opportunity to ask questions.


· 01:00 pm – Self-Study / - Participants will study the provided PDF Manual and Develop an individual online class.


*limited space available.

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