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We offer part-time and full time internships.

Please submit an application and Join our Team!

Chestnut Montessori School Teacher Education provides internships for our students with a supervised teaching/learning experience and an opportunity to integrate the Montessori theory and practice. 


The practicum consists of a minimum of 540 hours over 9 months, 4 hours a day Monday through Friday in an approved Montessori classroom with children under the guidance of a Supervising Teacher. 

Adult learners may begin the practicum after completion of 6.5 hours of seminar instruction, and all independent study reading assignments, and all required written work, and fees are turned in. 


Interns are responsible for quarterly documented observations and reports, year-long observations, and developing a year-long research study, which shall be demonstrated during the 2 week Lead teaching experience.




Chestnut Montessori School Teacher Education assists adult learners with job placement by announcing all job opportunity notices received from schools and keeping a catalogue of such notices.


Our faculty will write adult learner recommendations when requested, and school administrators who inquire are advised of the availability of trained teachers. 






*Employment, salary, and occupational advancement are not guaranteed by CMSTE 

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