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When and where does the class meet?

Class meets every Tuesday and Thursday (September through the first week of June) from 3:45-7:45 on the campus of Chestnut Montessori School in the Pine Room. Please check Calendar for the exact dates for on site and online classes.


Where will my Practicum take place?

Students are responsible for obtaining a Practicum. CMSTE will provide guidance to the student, but does not guarantee a Practicum to the student.


What is the cost of the course?

Tuition and fees are listed in the Course Catalog.


Do you provide financial aid?

Chestnut Montessori School Teacher Education does not underwrite any student assistance.


How many students are in the class?

Class size is limited to 24 beginning students.


I did not receive my degree from a University in the United States. Where do I go to get a transcript evaluation?

Transcript Evaluations may be obtained through FIS. Students can contact FIS at or World Education Services (WES) at

What kind of transcript evaluation do I need?

AMS requires an overall evaluation relating to USA equivalences. You do not need a course by course transcript evaluation.

When can I begin my Independent Study?

Students may begin their Independent Study upon enrollment.


Can I transfer my classes to a University when I finish?

CMSTE does not guarantee that classes will transfer to a University.


I already work with children and have taken Child Development classes. Can I transfer my credits to CMSTE?

CMSTE does not accept transfer credits from a College or University.


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